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In May 2013 I won first prize and two special prizes in the VIII. Simándy József International Singing Competition of Szeged, Hungary. This competition is declared in every two years and it is the most important and the most prestigious vocal competition of the country. There were three rounds and the gala concert was held in the National Theater of Szeged, accompanied by the Szeged Philharmonic Orchestra. In this record made by the Radio Bartók I sing the air of Sextus (Parto, parto) in the gala concert.

I won also two extra prizes, one of those was offered by the National Philharmonic Orchestra lead by Zoltán Kocsis, and the second by the Hungarian Radio – both of them came with an invitation for a concert. Of course, I am very happy, I lived this event as a breakthrough. Maybe I have to get used to give interviews?

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